About us

The use of mobile energy from batteries increasingly becomes an essential part of our life.

Eucobat members , as not-for-profit organizations, strive for a better environment by collecting ever more used batteries and by recycling them ever better.
Eucobat members ensure to organize the collection and recycling of used batteries as easily and efficiently as possible.
Eucobat members encourage the sustainable use, collection and recycling of batteries through appropriate and clear communication. 

The international association Eucobat has been created to:

  • deal with matters which are of scientific, economic and institutional interest for national compliance organizations in general;
  • represent the interests of the national compliance organizations for batteries in Europe
  • harmonise  the procedures, in particular in regard to participating companies, and activities of national compliance organizations that assume the financial and/or organisational responsibility of manufacturers for the management of waste batteries and accumulators.

The main activities that the association intends to pursue in order to achieve these objectives are to:

  • Collect, collate, exchange and benchmark information from members, within the limits authorized by law, to promote an efficient operation of the collection, recycling and treatment schemes
  • Provide interested parties, including  European and international institutions, with all pertinent information
  • Provide members with assistance and information concerning the implementation of the EU directive and other relevant legislation
  • Liaise with other European organizations such as various industry and consumer associations and other interest groups;
  • Organize and participate in events, congresses, conferences, projects, meetings and working groups for the exchange of information and experiences among common interest groups;
  • Collate, publish and share codes of best practices and provide logistical, information and support services to members.