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Restriction Primary Batteries - Joint Industry Position

Eucobat positions

Alongside with 13 trade associations, Eucobat considers the envisaged phase out of primary #batteries incompatible with Europe’s goal for a carbon neutral economy. 

The signatory parties support the European #GreenDeal and #circulareconomyAction Plan, and are committed to provide European consumers with truly sustainable solutions – based on proven positive impacts on both the environment and the European economy. Primary batteries have a vital role to play in a number of different battery applications and complement an increasing area of use of rechargeable batteries.

Primary batteries, today, provide growing levels of power while being smaller and using less materials than previous generation’s batteries. Since 2006, the environmental impact of primary batteries has even further decreased by implementing the collection obligation as set in the Batteries Directive 2006/66/EC. 

All waste primary batteries brought to a collection point are also effectively recycled. It is therefore with great concern that we see voices calling for a potential ban on primary batteries.