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Eucobat welcomes Febelauto as its 20th member

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Eucobat welcomes Febelauto as a new member. The General Assembly approved unanimously the application of Febelauto during its meeting on Friday, April 12th 2019.

The non-profit organisation Febelauto was founded in 1999 by several profession federations of the automotive sector. As a management body responsible for end-of-life vehicles in Belgium, Febelauto ensures the collection, treatment and recycling of scrap cars. Febelauto takes care of both the organisation and monitoring of the entire process.

Since 2017, Febelauto has developed a solution for batteries of electric and hybrid cars, including a compliance contract for the car producers and a logistic solution for the waste batteries. It prepared the Febelauto norm for take back points and authorized treatment facilities handling these batteries.

Within Eucobat, Febelauto will be represented by Fredericq Peigneux. On the picture, you can see Peter Coonen, President of Eucobat, Fredericq Peigneux and Peter Binnemans, Secretary General of Eucobat. 

With Febelauto, Eucobat welcomes its 20th member (in 16 countries),