EBRW 2018

Eucobat launches geolocalisation app at the European Battery Recycling Week

Eucobat news

From September 3rd to 9th, the European Battery Recycling Week was celebrated in several European countries. This is an initiative of the members of Eucobat, the European association of national battery collection organizations in Europe. This edition is marked by the launch of a pan-European mobile application allowing the localisation of collection points for used batteries nearby. Various actions and events took place across the continent, to educate young and old at the need of the collection and recycling of waste batteries.

After the success of the first three editions of the European Battery Recycling Day, the members of Eucobat have decided to choose in 2018 for a European Battery Recycling Week. This week coincided with the anniversary of the birth of Luigi Galvani, an Italian scientist born on 9 September 1737 and considered one of the fathers of the electric battery, since his work in the field of electricity allowed Alessandro Volta to design the first modern electric battery in 1800.

Various local awareness campaigns were conducted in the different countries throughout the week: launching of collection competitions in schools, presence of stands in crowded places, press releases and televised appearances, etc. This initiative aims to remind all European citizens - children, young and old - of the importance of collecting, sorting and recycling of used batteries. Indeed, batteries and batteries contain increasingly scarce and valuable materials, that are given new life in new applications.

In 2017, Eucobat members collected 2,300,000,000 used batteries and small batteries.

In order to further increase this impressive collection result, Eucobat launches in this period of back to school a homonymous application. This includes a tool for the localisation of collection points for waste batteries, making it easy to dispose of them in Europe, a question and answer section with explanations and advice on collection and recycling, as well as contact details of national organizations in different countries.

The app will come out for iOS and Android devices, in 12 languages ​​to start. It makes it possible to locate collection points in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy and Turkey. Collection points in other European countries will be added very soon.

The Eucobat app will be available from Wednesday, September 5th in the App Store and the Google Play Store.