End-of-Life Batteries from Electrified Vehicles


On June 12th and 13th, Eucobat, the European association of national collection schemes for batteries, organizes a free conference dedicated to end-of-life batteries from electrified vehicles (electrical and hybrid vehicles).

This conference will take place in the center of the electrified vehicles in Europe - Norway - and is aimed at the professionals, experts and authorities in this domain. The event will be hosted in the Scandic City Hotel in Fredrikstad.

Experts from battery and car industry, collectors, recyclers and collection schemes will share their vision on market evolution, collection, transport, reuse and second use, recycling and financing, in order to start up an interactive and fruitful discussion. We will also witness the re-use of EV batteries in action in a commercial scale in the Batteriretur sorting facility.

Discover the talks for Wednesday, June 12:

9:15 - "Welcome and introduction" - Peter Coonen - Eucobat

9:30 - "Success factors of the electrification of the Norwegian car park" - Benjamin Strandquist – Bilimportørenes Landsforening

10:00 - "Key elements of the Norwegian model for the collection of batteries from electrified vehicles" - Dag Albertsen - Batteriretur

10:20 - "Efficient collection through a EV Battery Network Cooperation" - Philippe Celis – Reneos

10:40 - Open discussion

11:00 - Coffee Break

11:20 - "Business opportunities and risks for the recycling industry"  - Claude Chanson – Recharge

11:40 - "Lithium Ion Batteries Recycling"- Christian Rosenkilde - Norsk Hydro 

12:00 - Open discussion

12:30 - Lunch

13:30 - "New ADR regulations for critical lithium batteries"- Anita Schmidt - BAM

14:10 - "Volvo Cars strategy for HV batteries post 1st life" - Bernard Uittenhout- Volvo Cars

14:30 - "Reuse and second life: Conditions for a viable business model "- Koen Broess – DNV GL

14:50 - Open discussion

15:30 - Coffee Break

15:50 - "Financial guarantees: the Norwegian model" - Fredrik Andresen - Batteriretur

16:10 - "The Italian financial model" - Luigi De Rocchi – Cobat & Maurizio Maggi – Remedia 

16:30 - Open discussion

17:00 - "Batteries from electrified vehicles: the Eucobat position" - Peter Binnemans - Eucobat

17:15 - "The Batteries Directive Review"

17:30 - Open discussion

18:00 - "Closure" - Peter Coonen - Eucobat


We will end the first day of the conference with a dinner. Non-members of Eucobat will be charged 100€/person for dinner. Eucobat members & speakers will not be charged (max. 2 people per member organization).

Here is the program for Thursday, June 13:

08h30     Visit of the Batteriretur sorting facility in Fredrikstad

This plant is Batteriretur’s location for research and development and the operational unit for dismantling of EV batteries from several manufacturers with a view to develop safe and effective solutions for logistics, dismantling and recycling.

09h30     Transfer to Sandefjord
11h30     Visit of the Batteriretur dismantling plant for EV batteries & storage facility
13h00     Networking lunch
13h30     Visit of the Batteriretur dismantling plant for EV batteries & storage facility
14h30     Closure / Transfer to Sandefjord Airport