End-of-Life Batteries from Electrified Vehicles


On June 12th and 13th, Eucobat, the European association of national collection schemes for batteries, will organize a free conference dedicated to batteries from electrified vehicles (electrical and hybrid vehicles). This conference will take place in the center of the electrified vehicles in Europe, Norway, and is aimed at the professionals,  experts and authorities  in this domain.

On Wednesday June 12th, experts from battery and car industry, collectors, recyclers and collection schemes will share their vision on market evolutions, collection, transport, reuse and second use, recycling and financing, in order to start up an interactive and fruitful discussion. We will also see  the re-use of EV batteries in action in a commercial scale in the Batteriretur sorting facility.  

On Thursday June 13th, we will visit the plant of Batteriretur in Sandefjord. This plant is Batteriretur’s location for research and development and the operational unit for dismantling of EV batteries from several manufacturers with a view to develop safe and effective solutions for logistics, dismantling and recycling.

The draft agenda as well as information on the registration will be available shortly, but you can already save the date in your agenda.