EUCOBAT Member Organisations:



For 20 years, Bebat has been giving new life to used batteries by collecting, sorting and recycling them. The metals and valuable components are extracted and reused as raw materials. Of course, all other substances are properly processed. We are an environmental organisation with world-class collection results and we are continuously looking to optimise the recycling process with regard to both quantity and quality.


FEBELAUTO is the Producer Responsibility Organization aiming at ensuring the compliancy of the automotive sector in Belgium, regarding with End-of-Life Vehicles since 1999.

As a “compliant scheme” organization, FEBELAUTO ensures monitoring and reporting to the authorities of the Recycling and Valorization of End-of-Life Vehicles.

Since 2017, FEBELAUTO is also active as PRO for the compliancy of the automotive sector, with regards to the take-back obligation of the Industrial Batteries used for the traction of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, through the signature of Environmental Frame Agreements with the competent authorities throughout Belgium.

Activities also include the transition from a “waste management” system of End-of-Life products to the raise of a real “Circular Economy” system aiming at developing new markets opportunities, positively impacting the whole value chains producers and importers are involved in.

Czech Republic


Since 2002 we have been a reliable provider of comprehensive services in collection and recycling of portable batteries. We provide free-of-charge collection containers for used batteries to towns and municipalities, schools, businesses, authorities and average consumers and we take care of free-of-charge transportation of collected batteries for recycling. We also help organisations comply with their legal obligations. We very actively raise awareness about and promote sorting of used batteries.

We have obtained a licence for our activity from the Ministry of the Environment. We are a not-for-profit organisation and our activity is funded almost exclusively by producers and importers of batteries.



elretur is a private association established by producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment. Our purpose is to assume producer responsibility for our members within waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and batteries.

elretur has around 1,000 member companies and assumes collection of by far the largest quantity of WEEE in Denmark.



Established in 2008 by battery and accumulator producers, Recser Oy is a non-profit organisation whose duty is to take care of the separate collection, pre-processing and recycling of batteries and accumulators, as well as the promotion of recycling, in Finland.

Our vision is to produce recycling services in a professional, safe and efficient manner, making carrying out producer responsibility obligations through us genuinely the best choice for producers in terms of time use, costs and reputation.



Corepile is an eco-organization under State Approval since 2010 that collects and recycles portable batteries and accumulators on behalf of its members, who put batteries on the market in France (producers, distributors, incorporators and importers).

Created in July 2003 by the main producers or distributors, it carries out a mission of general interest in a shared way, in accordance with its legal specifications. Thus, it regularly reports on its activities to the Ministry of the Environment, the ADEME (Agence de l'Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l'Énergie), a State censor and the Consultative Commission for Approval.


GRS Batterien

The GRS Batterien Foundation operates the common collection scheme for portable batteries as specified by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment under Section 6 of the German Batteries Act (BattG). It is the largest common collection scheme in Europe. In recent years, our system of collection has become synonymous with efficient battery recycling and active environmental protection. The foundation was set up in 1998 by leading producers of batteries and the German Electrical and Electronics Industry Association (ZVEI) to ensure nationwide collection, sorting and recycling of used batteries. We have since guaranteed environmentally sound disposal throughout Germany. As a non-profit organisation, there is no financial gain for us. Any cost advantages are passed on directly to our customers. Our services are funded by the battery producers and importers who use them. They make a payment based on the quantity of batteries sold and the battery type.


WEEE Ireland

WEEE Ireland is a not for profit organisation, committed to delivering cost effective compliance on behalf of our Producer Members.

WEEE Ireland represents 96% of the Irish battery industry and 74% of the household electrical and electronic industry who have a Producer responsibility under EU Battery Directive 2006/66/EC & WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU to organise and finance the environmental management of their products at their end of life.

WEEE Ireland has been operational since 2005 and has been the Scheme of choice in Ireland maintaining majority market share across all sectors. WEEE Ireland operates under the approval of the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment.


Erion Energy

Erion Energy is part of Erion, a multi-compliance system for the management of all waste from electronic products, with a solid heritage in terms of authoritativeness, efficiency and quality. Erion Energy originates from the strategic vision, experience and success of the two most representative WEEE Consortia, Ecodom and Remedia, which have always been a point of reference for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) systems. 

The Members of the two Consortia decided to establish an innovative entity capable of seizing market opportunities by interconnecting the various actors in the chain and ensuring the highest standards of treatment, transparency, safety and operational efficiency in full compliance with environmental regulations, creating value for the benefit of stakeholders, society and the environment.




Cobat RIPA brings together manufacturers and importers of all categories of batteries and accumulators, from portable to industrial, including car batteries and the latest generation lithium batteries. The Consortium provides its members with integrated and personalised services for the collection, treatment and recycling of spent batteries and accumulators.



Following the publication of the modified law of 19/12/2008 on batteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators transposing European Directive 2006/66/EC, the Luxembourg Trade Confederation (clc), the Fédération des Artisans, Fedil – Business Federation Luxembourg and Ecotrel ASBL set up the non-profit organisation Ecobatterien. The aim of this organisation is to help producers and importers of batteries and accumulators to fulfil their obligations by organising:

  • the collection of their waste through public infrastructures for the selective collection of problematic waste;
  • the recycling and ecological treatment of this waste.



ARN is the recycling expert in the mobility sector. Together with the chain, we ensure that more than 95% of the car is recycled and recovered.

Our mission: Together with our partners we aim to recycle vehicles responsibly and to high standards.

Our vision: At ARN we believe in total recycling of vehicles, without harming the environment and surrounding area. What we can’t do now will be possible in the future.


As a non-profit organisation, Stibat facilitates all the players involved in the lifecycle of batteries and accumulators. We offer responsible services and solutions that contribute to a circular economy. Stibat strives for maximum recycling of products and raw materials and ensures the safe and responsible processing of batteries and accumulators according to national and European legislation and regulations.

  • Considerable expertise, extensive experience and a broad network.
  • Safe, responsible and ISO-certified.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Customised services and solutions.



Batteriretur is organized to fulfill the requirements for discarded batteries in the waste regulations and from the establishment in late autumn 1993 the assignment has been fulfilled, year after year after year. In 2006, the EU expanded the "Battery Directive" to apply to all categories of batteries.

For us, it has been a logical choice to make use of the same fine-meshed collection network  for  all categories of batteries. And we see the story repeat itself; As the amount of lead batteries almost 25 years ago grew rapidly from annual 9,000 tonnes to 14-17,000 tonnes, the amount of portable batteries has grown from just from 100 tonnes to nearly 1000 tonnes using the same network. Our network ensures synergy benefits for both safety and the environment!



Ecopilhas is a non-profit company made up of the main producers of batteries and accumulators operating in the Portuguese market.

Ecopilhas is a joint-stock company whose purpose is the management of the integrated system for the management of waste batteries and accumulators (SIGRPA), and was first licensed as the managing entity of the same by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning in a decision of 14 October 2002.

At this moment, the licensing of Ecopilhas to carry out the activity of waste management of portable batteries and accumulators and management of waste batteries and accumulators industrial, is under the precept in Decree-Law 152 D / 2017.

In this way, the main function of Ecopilhas is to ensure the operation of SIGRPA, managing a set of operations that ensure the selective collection, temporary storage, sorting and recycling of batteries and accumulators collected in the national territory.


Electrão is the only entity in Portugal, to assume the management of 3 waste streams. Electrão serves more than 1,500 Producers and collects 38,000 tons of WEEE and 200 tons of batteries annually.



Association Sistemul National de Reciclare a Bateriilor (SNRB) is a collective organization established to take over responsibilities and to act in order to help producers and importers batteries and accumulatorsfulfil their statutory obligations on responsible management of waste batteries and accumulators, i.e. collection, treatment, recycling and recovery of such waste, as required under Directive 2006/66/EC transposed into national law under Government Decision (HG) no. 1132/2008.

In its serving as structure for transfer of responsibility, Sistemul National de Reciclare a Bateriilor (SNRB) is involved in activities of ecologically sound collection and recycling of used batteries that contain metals which are recovered and reused as secondary raw materials, and harmful substances are neutralised. We make our contribution to the environment protection in a proactive manner and it is our ongoing focus to enhance recycling processes in terms of both quality and quantity.

Active in the field of management of waste batteries and accumulators din 2012, Asociatia Sistemul National de Reciclare a Bateriilor has gradually developed a highly complex and effective system to collect and recycle portable batteries and thus help producers and importers of batteries meet their corresponding statutory obligations such as:

Ecotic BAT

ECOTIC BAT is an organization set up in 2011 to manage responsibilities on behalf of battery and battery producers and to organize a system of collection and recycling of battery waste.

For more than 300 producers, ECOTIC BAT set up more than 9000 collection points all over Romania. Dedicated awareness campaigns are conducted each year, especially in schools.



ASEKOL SK is a non-profit company which organizes, on behalf of producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and batteries and accumulators (BA) a country-wide system of separate collection and take-back for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) as well as waste batteries and accumulators (WBA) including their transport, recycling and financing of the entire system. ASEKOL SK is a compliance scheme, which services may be utilized by producers and importers of EEE and BA on the basis of an agreement. 

Asekol 's Mission is:

  • to ensure collection and environmentally sound treatment of WEEE and WBA
  • to meet quality standards for the treatment of WEEE and WBA
  • to utilise its funds efficiently
  • to be a trustworthy partner for state and district authorities
  • to perform awareness-raising activities among the general public.



The Ecopilas Foundation is a Collective System of Extended Producer Responsibility for the management of waste batteries and accumulators. It was founded in 2000 by the main manufacturers and importers of batteries in our country, thus responding to the principle of co-responsibility of the producers on the management of the waste derived from these products at the end of their useful life.
Consequently, its Board of Directors represents the different sectors involved in the market of batteries, both manufacturers and importers, and the distribution represented by ANGED.
At present, Ecopilas has the largest collection of batteries and portable batteries in Spain, with more than 35,500 collection points, which is the second largest network in Europe with approximately 796 collection points per million of inhabitants.



As Tap Association, we aim to minimize the harmful effects on the environment by controlling the uncontrolled waste generation formed by the batteries as waste. In line with this objective in all of Turkey with different campaigns and in public education activities, our collection activities in the private sector in the eyes of our citizens and will make it more efficient campaigns are applying Since our organization.

In addition to our school campaigns, which are traditionally made every year in all schools, we have campaign campaigns with our muhtars and our municipalities, İSMEK and similar organizations in certain periods. Our campaigns serve for the purpose of raising awareness in terms of environmental awareness with the participation of all our stakeholders and contribute to the environmental awareness of all waste types of our society.



With a strong and reckoned presence since 2004, we at Afis, have been striving towards raising environmental awareness and sensitivity on an individual and collectively on a national level. Being the sole national compliance scheme for portable batteries country-wide, our work is aimed towards the safe and compliant collection, treatment and proper recycling of all portable batteries and accumulators including those of electric transport means, so as to collectively achieve an as minimal a national, environmental footprint as possible.

For the easiest and quickest collection of batteries, we provide free of charge recyclable bins in over 75.000 collection points in schools, public places, retail outlets, state authorities, military camps, service providers as well as small, medium and large corporations in all of Greece. However, our activity does not cease there. As an NGO with certifications based on international ISO standards, Afis actively aims to nurture ecological sensitivity via an additional array of activities both on a physical and digital level. Our ventures include a social media presence on multiple platforms and more than that, we remind individuals of the impact and importance of our work through ads (physical and otherwise) and upon-request presentations and seminars to educational institutions nation-wide, in addition to contributing to consultations with all stakeholders involved.


Re-Battery SA was created and managed by people and companies active in the field of recycling and environmental management as well as by people and companies active in the field of technical and administrative "management". Re-Battery SA, like all Alternative Management Systems, is a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. The mainly operation of Re-Battery SA are the management of the batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles Ni-MH and Li-ion.



As a non-profit organisation we take over all of the transferable obligations of the Austrian waste electrical equipment act (Elektroaltgeräteverordnung (EAG)), as well as the battery act (Batterienverordnung), thereby enabling our customers to concentrate on their core businesses. We are a part of the ARA Service Group and therefore offer a comprehensive recycling service beyond only electrical equipment and batteries.



We have created a new quality in Poland among electrical and electronic equipment recovery organizations. We offer our clients cooperation with a stable and reliable organization. The highest quality of our services and processes is confirmed by ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates issued by TÜV. For partners cooperating with us in more than one country, we offer a uniform reporting system, the possibility of keeping documentation in one place and very favorable financial conditions.