Institutional structure

General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of representatives of all Member Organisations. Each Member has one vote.

All topics of general interest for all Members are discussed within the General Assembly.

Board of Directors

The association is managed by the Board of Directors, appointed by the General Assembly, for a term of two years.

At this time, the Board is composed of:

  • President: Peter Coonen (Bebat - Belgium)
  • Vice-President: Frédéric Hédouin (Corepile - France)
  • Treasurer: Georgios Chryssos (GRS Batterien - Germany)
  • Director: Fredrik Andresen (BatteriRetur - Norway)
  • Director: Luigi De Rocchi (Cobat - Italy)
  • Director: Bernard Mottet (Ecobatterien - Luxemburg)

Working Groups

EUCOBAT organises its activities through three working groups:

  • Technical Working Group - chaired by Benny Van den Steen (Bebat - Belgium)
  • Statistical Working Group - chaired by Elena Gaspar (SNRB - Romania)
  • Policy Working Group - chaired by Frédéric Hédouin (Corepile - France)

The Working Groups are composed of representatives of the Members. All members may designate a representative to the Working Groups. Membership of the Working Groups requires however active participation.

The Working Groups are advisory bodies for the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will assign projects to the Working Groups. A report of the activities will be presented to the General Assembly twice a year.

EUCOBAT Secretariat

Since April 2023 Dr. Tom Voege is managing the Brussels-based EUCOBAT Secretariat as Executive Director.

EUCOBAT Secretariat, BluePoint, Reyerslaan 80, 1030 Brussels, Belgium