Compliance Organisations

EUCOBAT Members offer the solution for a reliable, safe, sound, and sustainable collection and recycling of batteries.

To fulfil their mission, EUCOBAT Members will:

  • implement and follow rules and regulations thoroughly and reliably, acting as a not-for-profit partner for their members, participants and other stakeholders;
  • collect as many used batteries as possible and sort and recycle them in the best possible way;
  • raise the awareness of consumers and professional users regarding the sustainable use, collection and recycling of batteries;
  • simplify collection for end users by providing an extensive and accessible network of collection points;
  • work closely with their collection points by providing them with clear information and appropriate collection receptacles and by guaranteeing them regular collection;
  • select reputable and reliable recyclers and other processing companies as partners, that work in an environmentally-friendly, safe and cost-effective manner;
  • provide the authorities with transparent information and support them in monitoring and supervising the processes and the results;
  • always operate sustainably and bear their responsibility to society;
  • always work with their employees in a climate of respect, openness and honesty. They will encourage and value a customer-oriented, efficient and cooperative approach;
  • always strive for cost efficiency in all of their activities;
  • share with their partners and with the authorities the expertise and experience they have acquired as pioneers in promoting professional environmental protection. They will always expand their knowledge by continuing to learn and to innovate.


Our values:

  • sustainability
  • efficiency and simplicity
  • effective and cost-conscious
  • social commitment
  • openness and integrity
  • customer orientation
  • cooperation
  • innovation and continuous learning