The Visible Environmental Fee

Separately invoicing the net collection and recycling costs related to waste batteries will benefit the environment, consumers, authorities and all economic actors involved in the distribution of the new batteries.


In particular, it guarantees the financing of the development of a collection network with a sufficient density for effective collection of all batteries and of the required communication campaigns to create consumer awareness of this collection network, and it simplifies the market surveillance activities of the national authorities, without having an impact on the commercial relations between the economic actors.


Eucobat proposes that Member States be allowed to require a visible compliance fee to be mentioned on invoices from producers to purchasers of batteries. The visible compliance fee shall include all costs for collection, sorting, treatment, monitoring, reporting, communication, sensibilisation and management incurred by the producers or by third parties acting on their behalf. The costs mentioned shall not exceed the best estimate of the actual costs incurred. The mandatory visible compliance fee applies only to batteries for which producers actively organize collection.