Eucobat Battery Recycling Week: Launch of the Eucobat App

From September 3rd to 9th, the European Battery Recycling Week was celebrated in several European countries.

Collection Targets for Batteries

The concept of a collection target in relation to the volume placed on the market is not appropriate for (waste) batt

Recycling Targets for Batteries

Eucobat pursues a future-oriented recycling strategy, taking into account the full environmental impact of the recycl

The Visible Environmental Fee

Separately invoicing the net collection and recycling costs related to waste batteries will benefit the environment,

Eucobat's EBRD gathering in Brussels

On September 5, 2017, Eucobat held a small gathering in Brussels for battery connoisseurs at the occasion of the upco

Battery Life Cycle Report - Study January 2017

As of 2016, the collection target for waste portable batteries has been set to 45% of the average weight of batteries

Eucobat at the ICBR

Eucobat will be present at the ICBR 2016,