2nd European Battery Recycling Day

The use of mobile energy from batteries increasingly becomes an essential part of our life. Accordingly, this implies that more and more batteries, both single use and rechargeable batteries, are discarded by consumers. The collection schemes for batteries, members of Eucobat, strive for a better environment by collecting ever more used batteries and by recycling them ever better.

The members of Eucobat, the national compliance organizations for batteries, collected in 2015 more than 65.000 tonnes of waste batteries, and ensured this way that the valuable materials they contain can be reused again. This way, they contribute to the circular economy. 

The organization of a collection network with 385.000 collection points in 15 countries leads to a high collection efficiency. Studies in several European countries show that only 1 or 2 small batteries can be found in 100kg of municipal household waste.

On September 9th 2016, Eucobat and its members, the national compliance organizations for batteries, will organize the second European Battery Recycling Day, in order to raise the awareness of consumers and stakeholders on the importance of the separate collection of spent batteries and their environmentally sound recycling.

In more than 15 countries, dedicated events and specific sensibilisation campaigns will be organized by the different collection schemes:

·      Educational campaigns at schools

·      Social media campaigns

·      Collection events at the collection points

·      Press conferences

·      Contests

·      Information campaigns

·      Distribution of specific collection boxes

·      Roadshows

·      …


More information on the activities in each country will follow soon.



Peter Binnemans – Eucobat aisbl – p.binnemans@eucobat.eu - +32 496 24 65 98